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The Finest in Teen-C Power!

by Karla

Glasgow Scotland’s Bis are an amazing commodity. Not only are all the members still in their teens (or just barely out), they have managed to release numerous singles which have been truly brilliant. Finally, we see a full length release from those wacky kids titled "The New Transistor Heroes". I tell ya, it was definitely worth the wait. Manda-Rin, John Disco, and Sci-Fi Steven are back with even more Teen-C escapades, hair clips, and Drew Barrymore worship sessions.

Manda-Rin: Hair clips and screams used as deadly weapons, childlike appearance used as decoy.

They managed to cram 18 powerful tracks on this album. Some may look familiar, as they have been previously released on some of their numerous EP’s. Some like "Sweet Shop Avengerz" are a bit different. A little bit of a live session tossed in and it still sounds brilliant. The album starts off with an introduction of the band, leading into "Tell It to the Kids", one of the most rockin tracks on the album. Popstar Kill is probably my favorite track. Who wouldn’t love a song who’s chorus goes "hey Popstar you look real silly I wanna kill you now, KILL KILL KILL". Hey sexy Spice, you Listening??

John Disco: All Hail the disco king. Hear him say "Travolta ain’t got nothing on me"

Every song on this album is bursting with energy. Lyrically, its an absolute treat. If they’ve got something to say, they outright say it. No hidden meanings here folks. I think that’s why I love this album so much, it’s totally in your face. They’re upfront and direct, as in the line "If you hate us, we don’t care, teen-c kids, everywhere!" from the song Team Theme. The art work on the album done by Manda-Rin (who has an incredible sense of style by the way) is way cool.

Sci-Fi Steven: Ears and eyes always on the lookout for conspiracies against the Teen-C Nation

Bis has released this new album in the US on Grand Royal. They just recently completed a US tour with Kenickie. If you see this album, BUY IT. If they come to your town, SEE THEM. They are the cutest anti-popstars in the world. Be prepared for fun, and check your attitude at the door.

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