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The Secret Vampire Soundtrack
(Chemikal Underground Records, 1996)
Reviewed By Karla D.

Four great blood-horrors to rip yr guts out. Ahh...Bis. Power-pop at its finest. This teen trio are the experts on the Teen-C tip (Teen-C = group whos soul purpose is to bring down the evil parent kulture). But what's this? They're vampires too? Well then that's a different story. As the inside notes say, these "secret vampires avoid detection because of their emphasis on all things cute." Cute is an understatement.

Combine their sickly sweet lyrics , with catchy pop melodies and POOF!...heavenly bliss.....I mean Bis. Yes, they are annoying as hell, but that's the point, and it totally works! If the power pop melodies don't catch ya, the lyrics will. One listen and you'll be running around town screaming "Teen-C Power!". It s been done before, I know.

Not only do you get 4 fab tunes, you also get the full Teen-C explanation. Oh man, is this ever a treat! Learn all about Bis and their quest! (death to the D.I.Y corps). Their style! (Polly pocket, Barbie and Hello Kitty all the way!) And hell, even their snacks! (salted popcorn = Teen-C movie yums). If you're not dying to start your own teen-c revolution by this point, press replay, that should do the trick.

Strongest by far on this release is "Kandy Pop". Guarnateed to make you more hyper then a million candy necklaces. Catchy riffs and all.

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