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Britpop Vs Grunge



Wears designer suits

Wears designer suits

Believes in aesthetics

Believes in lack of aesthetic

Likes melody

Likes dissonance



Has short hair

Has long hair

Quentessentially British

Quentessentially American

Wants to be biggest band in world

Pretends to be small/indie rock

Hates other britpop acts

Only listens to other grunge acts

Slags off others in press

Pretends to ignore press, yet fights for air on eMpTyV

Reissue repackage repackage

Reissue repackage repackage

Worships Beatles

Worships Beatles

12 years old

12 year old fans

Sense of humor


All sounds alike

All sounds alike

How to be a Britpop Star in 3 Months or Less:

  1. Slag off everyone else.
  2. Claim at least once a month that you "invented it all
  3. Name the Beatles as your greatest influence
  4. Watch Quadrophenia for wardrobe tips
  5. Drink heavily in public
  6. Crash other people's parties
  7. Be loud and unruly
  8. Mention England, London, or the U.K. at least once for every 20min worth of recorded material
  9. Say "cheers", "bloke", and "mate" as often as possible
  10. Steal other bands' riffs; refuse to acknowlege it
  11. Slouch
  12. Always have a cigarette butt in hand when not handling an instrument or singing
  13. Say "oi!" a lot in your songs
  14. Deny ever having listened to The Smiths
  15. Pretend you never went to school
  16. Make sure one member of your band is under 20
  17. Fire either your drummer or your bassist immediately before going on tour to promote your debut album
  18. When being interviewed, talk endlessly about Eric Cantona, football, and whether you prefer Man City or Man U
  19. Make fun of Americans
  20. Write and record the first album within 4 months of buying your first Blur or Pulp album, and be sure to tell the press

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