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Circle Seven

The New Age Musicians

by Sasha

The giant tour bus carried Sasha and Tim Wheeler across the river of Snapple leaving them on the other side of the bank. Leaving the CIRCLE OF BACKSTABBING BEST FRIENDS, they approached a giant mosh pit. As they came closer to the ledge of the pit, they heard the ear deafening noise of a bad 80's metal band. The band became recognizable as none other than the terrible AC/DC.

The souls that are forever damned to this pit are forced to listen to this terrible music throughout all eternity. In the front center of the pit, where moshing is heaviest, are the most horrendous sinners of them all. They recognized them as YANNI, JOHN TESH, and KENNY G. Every twenty minutes the sinners are lifted off the ground by the evil demon moshers and forced to crowd surf through the crowd of demon hands ripping their clothes off.

The great painted tour bus set us down on our feet And I turned to my guide with a smile on my face. I said to him, "You know that tour bus is really neat."

He nodded in agreement and we continued our path. All was quiet and peaceful until the ground beneath us shook. Suddenly arose the sound of a voice full of wrath.

Within seventeen steps we found ourselves on a ledge, Trying hard to walk as the ground shook below. I found myself tempted to take a closer look off the edge.

As I looked down below I nearly tripped and fell -- The aroma of sweat and drenched clothing filled my nose. I was suddenly overcome by it and started not to feel well.

"Oh wow! Look at this! It's a giant mosh pit!", I cried. As I looked around at the demons butting heads with each other. The band on stage was AC/DC. I could have sworn they had not died!

The pit was filled to the brim like a dirt filled hole. My guide and I managed to part our way to the front; In the very fore we found three recognizable souls.

I hid behind Tim at the sight of their faces. I said to my guide, "Please talk to them for me." I was filled with fear. My heart began to race.

Tim said, "I know they are scary but it is you who must go." It occurred to me that my guide was right after all, These souls are so terrible that their names no one should know.

I approached the three men as I stepped up with a courage well driven. I asked them their names to make sure it was true, As each of them stated the names they were given.

"I am Yanni.", one quoted as he stepped up to speak. "The other two with me are Kenny G. and John Tesh." We were rudely interrupted as the crowd's violence reached its peak.

John Tesh was snatched from us by the overzealous mob. He was thrown up in the air and passed from hand to hand. I watched in horror as his clothes they did rob.

While watching this scene I began to freak out. Within minutes of this occasion, as John was dropped on his head, I began to realize what this circle was all about.

"We are the new age musicians.", Yanni said as he hung his head in shame. "Because of our horrible music we must suffer." To me it seemed they sold their souls for the price of fame.

"We are forced to listen to AC/DC eternally.", Kenny G added. "Every twenty minutes we are forced to crowd surf among the demons who tear at our clothes then drop us." he said as his face saddened.

So these sinners must crowd surf and get dropped on their heads. Suddenly a new realization occurred to me -- I was suddenly reminded that these people were better off dead!

I screamed, "It was your music they played every time I was stuck in the dentist's chair!" My guide smiled at me though my reaction had been delayed.

"The sound of your music reminds me of the sound of the drill!" As I was dreadfully reminded of the doctor and dentist. "You all deserve to be here. You deserve to be killed!"

Tim had to drag me away I was so angry at the sinners. I was so infuriated I lost track of time. It was Tim who had to tell me it was time for dinner.

We made a part through the mosh pit like the Red Sea. As we made our departure I shouted through the crowd, "New Age Musicians, real artists you will never be!"

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