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He Thought Of Clothes
by Courtney Battistone

In a startling corporate move, a pop star is being endorsed by a major clothing corporation. Damon Albarn, lead singer of the group Blur has been signed by Fila, shoe and clothing manufacturer.

"We believe that being the first to do this sort of thing will bring us great exposure," CEO John Smith told Leaking. Mr. Albarn will be required to wear only Fila tracksuits, shoes and jackets while on tour. He will be allowed to wear jeans from time to time.

"Well, I think it's ace, actually," Damon told us, when asked for comment. "I get free clothes that I would have bought anyway, and I can spend the money on other things." When asked what those other things were, he declined comment.

A slight controversy arose when Albarn was seen in Nike shirt and shoes on a late night talk show recently. Our sources found out that the deal with Fila was signed the next day, possibly after the corporation noticed what exposure Nike was getting.

As Blur are set to embark on a world tour, Fila sales are expected to rise dramatically. "Damon is a very influential figure," Smith said. "And he's known for his snappy dressing. The kids will be flocking to buy our products." Well, so much for not selling out. Or, as Damon will be saying, fi-la vie.

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