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Just wanted to write a quick note and say that if I was going to have to read a bad (well, scathing) review of one of my favorite bands... yours was highly enjoyable!! Very well written and funny... I loved the alternative uses for the CD.

I'm not in entire disagreement with what you're written about this record (from the music biz perspective), but I hope you'll give the rest of the band's catalog a listen. They've been around a long time and have been working very hard.

Well, anyway... loved the entertaining review and I'll forward it on to the band... the lead singer loves this kind of stuff.


Kelli Smith
"Infidels & Popstars" and webmaster -

Whoever wrote that Del Amitri "review" (if one can call it that) it a total and complete idiot.

enough said

Peter Wolf

Thank you for your insightful review. If I hadn't been occupied chewing my toenails while listening to "Some Other Suckers Parade" I might not have noticed how horrible it is. fling - there goes my CD in the rat cage. Maybe my rodent friend will sharpen her teeth. Now HANSON, that's where it's at..

Any idea whether they'll be joining the LottaPoorLosers tour this year?

So, what do you DO for a living? Because I'd like to know two things - How'd you pay for the scanner and don't tell me you actually earn dollars picking you arse to come up with snot like THAT review?

Have a nice day!


P.S. Don't worry. I'm sure nobody else read it. After all, in a week's time Allison's OFFICAL DEL AMITRI HOME PAGE has had 165,640 new visitor where as this one.. umm... 3869 was it?

Editor's Response:


I just wanted to thank you for your friendly and entertaining letter. Rarely have we had such a humorless reaction to anything we have uploaded to our site. I find it encouraging to note that fans of Del Amitri do not have the same sense of humor as the band. I also find it encouraging to note that for a change someone has had the courage to attack the character of one of my writers rather than what she actually wrote. Thank you so much for your mature, thoughful consideration of the site, and we hope you will continue to check back with us in the future because we are always looking for bright, intelligent people such as yourself to further our cause and the cause of Jarvis.

Leaking E-zine

Scathing review on the Dels! I had to listen to the new disc a few times before it grew on me, and to me, this is a sign of a great CD. Nearly all of the CD's I first hate, are the ones I would take on a desert island. Omitting, of course, Oasis.

Mary Anne

Just wanted to thank you for the informative review on the new Del Amitri Album. I learned a lot about "trying" to be funny and how much further I have to go in order to be clever. Someday, perhaps, I'll re-read the review and find some musical analysis and substantiation for the views expressed - maybe not. What I'll probably find is someone who knows very little about POP music attempting to be funny.

See you next time.


Editor's Response:

Well, when we get some MUSIC from Del Amitri we'll be glad to review it. Unfortunately, this CD didn't quite qualify. But, we promise to keep looking!

Leaking E-zine

It seems fairly obvious from the beginning of your review that you are not a Del Amitri fan. And look at the company you're putting them with. Do you really think a review of Del Amitri goes with the likes of Morrisey and the other junk (er, stuff) you reviewed? It hardly seems fair. You appear to have gone out of your way to ridicule a perfectly good pop band (and CD). Maybe you'll be kind enough to amend, re-edit, or remove your cruel review. At least remove your "tips" for what to do with the cd.

They're quite tacky and ridiculous.

Editor's Response:

Our journalistic integrity prevents us from censoring our pages simply because you find they don't agree to your tastes. If the pictures were of a Morrissey CD would you think they were ok to publish?

Leaking E-zine

I accidently stumbled over your Del Amitri 'Some Other Sucker's Parade'-Review.

It raised for me the question again what are the that kind of reviews good for at all? Is it just an outlet for some bored looser who is frustrated again about his/hers own personal incapabilities and then listened to a CD who he/she didn't like, which is absolutely legit, and then thought 'OK let's trash them'?

I think these writers take themselfs way too serious. I don't want to know what ONE certain person felt when he/she listened to the CD, I couldn't care less. When I read a review I would like to know what kind of music do I hear, how are the songs arranged, how is the quality of the playing and the recording, what's different compare to the last albums, got it? Let me judge whether I like it or not, people have different tastes, what's good for me doesn't mean that it's good for anybody else.

To the writer of the DelAmitri review I just have one comment: If you want to continue writing, grow up, leave your personal shit at home and write about facts or leave it and shut up.



PS: Sorry, english isn't my mother tongue, but I'm sure you got my point.


As a Del Amitri fan, I'd like to humbly request that, next time you review an album, please pay more attention to THE MUSIC (don't say that it's NOT music, that's a cheap shot). Say what you liked and didn't like- lyrics, harmonies, tunes, arrangements, mixing. After all, no one would like a band if they didn't play music. Try to write a review that is a little more professional (or professional-sounding, at least) next time.

That being said, the author is quite funny. Perhaps you have a humor section you could transfer her to? I would like to see her comments, but not see them called a "review." Thank you.

Magic is afoot,
Andrew Metz

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