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It really looks as if we're going to have to start violating our own mission statement, since people keep giving us stuff to review. Not that this is really a problem, as long as nobody's expecting Nobel Prize literature. We have gotten our grotty hands on a demo by Exit 52, the band which opened for James in Blackpool and which happens to feature David and Peter Glennie, who just happen to be brothers of one Jim Glennie. But, and I'm certain anyone who saw Exit 52 in Blackpool will agree, they are a band that can certainly stand on their own without having to rest on the kudos of more famous relatives.

Now the first thing that struck me about this demo was how much David sounds like the lead singer of the Athens, Georgia-based band, the Vigilantes of Love, which would normally be an appalling thought, but somehow it works. Their 3-track demo, consisting of "Superjesus," "Jazz Heaven," and "Splash" is a collection of jangly guitars and emotive vocals which should satisfy fans of lo-fi American indie acts such as Buffalo Tom and Guided By Voices. With the charts full of kiddie bands, sampled synth garbage, and bland AOR rock nonsense it's nice to hear a band who aren't afraid to make noise, but who also know that there is more to writing a rock song than making the guitars as loud as possible. The hooks are there, and even a couple of particularly poetic lyrical moments, one of which has left me singing the chorus of "Superjesus" for the last two days. Basically, Exit 52 are currently unsigned, and are working to build a fanbase around the north of England, so I would suggest checking them out if they're playing anywhere near you. Oh, and see if you can't get your hands on a demo.

Visit Exit 52 on the web at, or write to them at:

Exit 52 voxbox
31 Wellington Road
M16 8EX

Alternately, Issue 10 of Change of Scenery features an interview with David and Peter Glennie.