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The Day The Music (Venue) Died

Madchester The Final Death Knoll

Manchester's two best know landmarks to the rest of the world
Manchester united and the Hacienda

And after Weds 2 june 1997 the morning after a stream of gutted clubers
went to play at stone love but got moved on to the boardwalk
instead of partaking one of this city's finest and long
lasting venues.

Fac 51 the centre piece of the factory empire in its heyday

The club with an owners list reading like a who's who of manchester pop
from new order and factory records to tony wilson and new orders manager
and owner of robs records rob gretton to graphic designer peter savile
and producer martin hannentt

The Hacienda.

Has shut its doors due to the debts of its parent company

with the debts said to be in the area of three qtrs. of a million pounds

That said is it really the end for this venue itself no stranger to
highs and lows

The lows include Britain's first recorded e related death in 1989 and
its closure because of gang warfare on the streets and inside its doors
in 1991

its not the first time its ever lost money on such a grand scale in its
15 year history. tony wilsons comment on the club was such that he poured
pounds into its coffers over the years which only began to reverse the
tide in 1986.

A venues venue famed all around the globe it has played host to some
weird and wonderful things over its lifetime
from Manchester's own comic bernard manning on its opening night

To a guest spot on the 80,s pop show the tube by madonna to top turns
reading like the cast list of Madchester from the smiths onwards to the
stone roses including anybody with rain in there soul and a
northern drawl graced its boards.


The shortest death knell in history or just another in a series of
new beginnings
colin sinclair owner of the boardwalk and former manager of the railway children
has already put forward an offer to buy out the management and debts
of the club

Along with a offer of an management buyout

The media is suggesting an reopening as soon as this weekend

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