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Inspiral Carpets, Singles

by Carlton Ankers

The singles collection takes all the really wonderfull singles and becomes the masterpiece of retro crap rip off collections. Reissue repackage sod that it's just so great every thing from joe to saturn 5 and the master single of them all a marrige made in sugar and coated with audio hundreds and thousands and that odd red stuff that mr whippy does a Mark E Smith voice over the wonderfull sardonic delights of the fall mixed with the wonderpop(tm) of the inspirals.

Every moment is a reminder of a time when baggy was king and i still refused to wear flares and i was allmost arrested for a indecent t-shirt. even though its a memory feast the songs still have the power to grab twist and play tricks with your ears so for me 11 out of 10 110% Or to put it the way of oldham's finests suns.


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