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James Live, Liverpool 3/27, Manchester 3/28

by Carlton Ankers

As a sheep lost from the fold with goldmother it was an odd sensation seeing the timmy b roadshow once more.

But with a trio of americans along for the ride into the breach once more and woo!!!!! what a RIDE fucking incredible having fallen under whiplash's spell on my cd player or maybe warlock david's spell.

To see the new stuff let loose with all the vigor that Young mister booth can muster was a wild roller coster of a ride and too cop it all off the openers were the ones most people wanted to hear.

The rejiged and versions of come home and sit down sound as fresh as the first time the only difference being mine and mr booth's hairlines and a thankfull lack of baggy jeans!

But these went pale next to the class tracks of whiplash she's a star became a sonic opera and kaleidoscope of light and sound.

Greenpeace a dual microphoned eco frendly-unfrendly trip through the trials of life.

Lost a friend a anthem for the lost and lonely tv & pc generation.

Homeboy a trip.

these then fell by the wayside to the new to me versions of laid and sound with tim sliping in beteween differing time zones as he sped around the stage on his lightning feet and flailing arms! and the way he lost control during lose control was too pay him back in his homecoming gig with tim stuck in a neck brace!!

But the wonderfull class moment of the evening is the encore The suicide song blue pastures the sheer power of the words and music hushing all but a few crass scousers. and the allmost mark e smith like vitriol of johnny yen with his sight set on the boy bands and the records and corprate moneymen.

all in all a great nights entertainment that leaves me still buzzing weeks after!

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