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James-Related Bands

These are bands that have some (tenuous) link to James, so maybe the trainspotters will want to check them out. We've listed the ones that we thing are worth checking out. If you can think of any others (and you have a James-link), send us an email. We're working on getting links in for all of these acts, but you'll have to bear with us while we track them down.

The Smiths - Oh now this one is obvious. Morrissey once called James the greatest band in the world. James opened for the Smiths in 1985, and apparently Tim and Moz were pals for a while anyway. The Smiths covered "What's the World" and it's a b-side to the U.S. rerelease of "Sweet and Tender Hooligan."

Morrissey - Well, if you know who the Smiths are then you know this one as well. James covered his song, "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful." And there's that Tim-Moz friendship thing as well. We've reviewed his last album here.

New Order - James' old Factory label mates. James opened for them back in the early '80's sometime.

Joy Division - Well, the impetus to the creation of Factory records, the label that signed James in 1983. Also, an early influence on the band.

Electronic - Well...Johnny Marr of the Smiths + Bernard Sumner of Joy Division/New Order....

Inspiral Carpets - They toured with James and even sang backing vocals on "Goldmother." We have a review of their singles collection here.

Exit 52 - a Manchester band featuring Jim Glennie's brothers David and Peter.

The Wild Swans - Rumor has it that David Baynton-Power once auditioned for them and was rejected.

The Lovers - The new band featuring ex-Inspirals singer Tom Hingley, and ex-Wild Swans/Lotus Eaters Jerry Kelly. We've reviewed their first single here.

Monaco - Features Peter Hook, the bassist from New Order. Read an album review here.

Suede - Saul's current favorite. Tim decided he wanted to work with Bernard Butler, who played on the Booth and the Bad Angel LP, after seeing him when he was with Suede. Read a review of their LP here.

The Fall - Factory label mate, and early influence.

Iggy Pop - Tim loves him. "Johnny Yen" is about him.

The Birthday Party - One of Tim's early influences.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Nick Cave got his start in the Birthday Party. He's an amazing songwriter and his work with the Bad Seeds is much less grating than with the Birthday Party. Tim once said that their "Ship Song" was his favorite piece of classical music.

Patti Smith - Only Tim Booth's favorite band ever!

Massive Attack - They wrote Dave's favorite song, "Unfinished Sympathy."

The Stone Roses - They played with James, and, well, without them, "Come Home" might not have been the smash hit it was.

The Charlatans - They played with James as well.

The Happy Mondays - They also played with James.

The Band of Holy Joy - Oops, yet another former opening act.

Thousand Yard Stare - And another.

The Man From Delmonte - Saul recorded a song with them at some point.

Sharkboy - Adrian's former band.

The Pale Fountains - Andy Diagram's original band.

The Spaceheads - Andy Diagram's current band.

Radiohead - Did we mention they opened for James once?

Orange Juice - James may have gotten their name from the guitarist. If it didn't come from James Kirk, James Joyce or James Glennie. Edwyn Collins also played with them. Oh yeah, James opened for them as Model Team International while Tim Booth was still just the band's dancer and the singer was some guy named Danny.

Roxy Music - Brian Eno's original outfit.

The Velvet Underground - James covered their song, "Sunday Morning."

Leonard Cohen - James covered his song, "So Long Marianne."

Unrest - they covered "Folklore"

Air Miami - They used to be in Unrest.

Voice of the Beehive - They covered "Sit Down."

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - The also covered "Sit Down" - or so we've been told.

Oasis - Rumor has it that Noel Gallagher was inspired to form a band after seeing James perform while he was working as a roadie for opening act, Inspiral Carpets.

R.E.M. - Ridiculous rumors about a Booth-Stipe affair circulated around Atlanta after Michael Stipe turned up at James' first gig in that city. They are completely unfounded, but Stipey did show Tim around Athens.

Hole - Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see HOLE.

Bernard Butler - He worked on Tim's solo project with Angelo Badalamenti.

Julee Cruise - Angelo Badalamenti's other musical partner.

Beck - One of Tim's favorite acts.

The Longpigs - Another band Tim has expressed like for.

The New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Manchester outfit that Tim said would be massive in an MTV interview in 1989.

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