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Kenickie Live

Part of Radio 1's Music Live from Manchester

Kenickie live from one of Manchester's true class venues - The Manchester Boardwalk

Axe-mill that has played host to some of Manchester's finest gigs.

The Inspiral Carpets played there first few gigs there.

The Stone Roses rehearsed there and played there first gigs there

My Babes in Toylands first gig are among the wonders that have graced
its bloody low stage

Unfortunately the venue has been modernised from the black hole of
Calcutta that it used to be with the upper floor being opened for the
use of the discobunnys Dance Night

And the stage has had a barrier installed in front of it
but other than that its still a dump that only holds 400 people at a
squeeze so prime target for the close banter an stagecraft of Kenickie

This gig was an odd one in manchester with having an 16 year old
entrance instead of usual 18 and the kids had taken advantage in the
droves like a school disco with the attendant glitter water pistols and
overindulging and wonder of discovery of your own sound!

The atmosphere took me back to my first ever gig and the wonderful
felling of finding your niche in the world of night time entertainment.

The highlights of a highlight packed set

Millionare Sweeper:
the wonderful lament with the poppy heart
timed to perfection with the crowd all but about to die

The People We Want:
With its doleful yet hopeful theme
and the freedom given to the girls to play sing and make merry
makes this a highlight of the set
I Will Fix You:
One of my favourite live Kenickie songs and a
great summer tune full of hope and love poppy yet ontime for the spring

In Your Car:
One of the singles and a mosh pit type frenzy
provoker given style by the crowds willing partaking.

A total storming version given gusto by the girls

The ability to make people sing feel joy and make happy such power
all encased in one song

Given extra length but unstretched class wise

A great night marred only by the incredibly strange sales pitch of
the t-shirt sellers selling the tightest skinny fit t shirts to everyone
and anyone no matter how big or small drowning some amputating limbs off others
and the hassle it caused with the stall being at the top of the exit stairs
a oddity indeed...

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