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Kenickie's New Long Player


At the club Kenickie's debut LP has the odd sensation of appearing
like any other bands greatest hits collection

With the songs being so extensively played in clubs, bars, on the radio
and even live by kenickie themselves over the last 12 months or so
but from 1st listen to 4th to 40th they just keep on getting better
and better.

As debuts go up there with the roses james and the smiths.

Showing far more depth than there live set ever hints with
style wit and some great playing unleashed onto the plastic marvel that
is compact disk.

In your car:  The single & the major hit the barometer for the Kenickie
sound as one would have imagined but no from classic to bit player in the
space of an lp. Still as fresh as a daisy but no longer the trump card in the
Kenickie set.

People We Want:  The soft underbelly of Kenickie's sound no less barbed
as the upper. A great sting in the lyrics mixed with some high class
playing and a great but drum solo

Spies:  One of the most poorly received tracks by the UK press
but im my opinion one of the true highlights of the LP
with its great opening to the day the earth stood still-esq
theramin backing track superb.
How I Was Made:  One of the bands live set highlights reaching even
greater heights with its classy sound even stronger great vocals and
just perfect length.

Brother John:  melodic melancholy and strangely godless
just three adjectives that spring to mind.

Millionaire Sweeper: The other single played to death and still welcome
in my home given a strange

Robot Song:  A indie The Cars for the 90,s a hint of a mainstream pet
shop boys nah more Kenickie do new order via a joy d set of lyrics
with there own touch of magic . A hint of the future??
attack on the soulessness of POP?

Classy:  More for girl power than a million spice girls efforts a tale
of fun and frolics and a real girls night out hidden behind a pop song

Punka:  Kenickies own smells likes teen sprit ?
a call to arms for the jilted generation ?
a three min pop song ?
all and none
great stuff whatever pill you swallow


PVC:  Ode to the fetish fashion industry or attack on vainness of some?
the wonder of female empowerment ? who cares it works on all counts
Another incredible hummable song with a killer sing along chorus
great contrast with loudish highs to quiet vocals

Come Out 2Nite:  The embodiment of the Kenickie ethos
or grand irony the choice is yours

I Never Complain:  Another class live number taken to the zenith of
perfection like wow the depth the style
its the grand master track

Acetone:  Acoustic guitar mixed with a great vocal lead sounding oddly
like Juliana Hatfield breaking into a incredible multilayered vocal
harmony and hampered by fact it isn't the end track which it so deserves to

??????:  8:50 odd seconds in at the end of acetone the scourge of the
cd owning world a freebie extra unlisted track not really worth the wait
just a meander with a guitar and some insight to how much fun recording
must have been. an escapee from there live set where its a filler for
guitar changes and nose powders.

The perfect choice for a pre venture out cd not quite at the club
but more b4 the club just the thing to pluck nasal hairs too

A mixed bag of styles blended to perfection rather like a good musli for the

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