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The Manic Street Preachers Live on Radio1

at the

Nynex Manchester as part of Music Live 97


Well what can you say about the Manics do a sell out in 45 mins
tickets for this gig were like rocking horse shit bloody rare
hard and worth a few bob

So imagine if you will the joy felt by millions when radio 1
picked it for a live broadcast.

The scum of the earth touts where asking upwards from 50 quid a
ticket fuelled by the news that this was the last manics gig b4 reading
and the reading is the last one till next year!!

The reason they don't want us to become bored by them!!!!!

Never Never Never i shout which is odd for me just to sit in my
room shouting.

I personally have a very weird spot in my life for the Manics
I have seen them live 12 times but own no Manics LP's but have loved
every minute of there live sets.

So on to there biggest indoor set to date the 5000 people who got inside
the venue lucky sods that they are where treated to a incredible sounding
set. Please excuse my ignorance on the region of Manics song titles
if its wrong blame them for the differing names they have given out at gigs

The highs and low of the set included:

Everything Must Go: given the stadium rock treatment but no worse for it
the old staple of the live set given fresh vigour and a great opener.

Faster: a rip roaring version reduced in length but made up for in

Kevin Carter: not one of my favourite songs but the live version striking a
better place in my heart than the single version.
la tessahowthehellyouspellitanyway: not the best version vocals wise
but the rest of the band held it together sounding tight and focused.

Immovables: an lead acoustic guitar frenzy backed with some great
bass playing over some fine singing.

Rose is in the Hospital: the definitive live version delivered part
acoustic part electric with the guns and roses solo that its ok to like
and a vocal peak to the whole nights set.

The Girl who Wanted to be God: sounding like james at there finest
mixed with the bee gees and james dean bradfields unique sound cutting across
a class act indeed.

Motown Junk: the classic Manics tune given a total breath of fresh air
with the Manics new together tightness up there with come home 97 for

Motorcycle Emptiness: forever laying down the spirit of Richy with this
version sounding better than all that has come be for.

The worst cover version in the history of music  raindrops keep falling
on my head: beating even mister tambourine man by tj hooker and we are
family by the babes in toyland for that dubios honour.

Yes: To make up for the horror that is a from gene kelley musical
a truly wonderful song with a perfect timing just as the spirit was braking
a masterpiece of fretwork and vocal cords in harmony

Australia: The most rousing sing along of the night delivered with aplomb

Design for life: Till this when everybody broke into song word for word
passion for passion with the chorus bringing a sense of the size of the
venue as the crowd rose to the task of filling it and would have
been a fitting end to an impressive set.

But with a aptness only tempered with morrissey's disappointed as an
ending YOU LOVE US: Even with out the punk excess of old its a shit
hot sonic feast


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