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A New Order Or Just Peter Hook's REVENGE???

A side project or new full time job for hooky who knows
hopefully just a rest stop!?! like electronic and the other two
before the kids from the factory floor rejoin to play once more.

But the direction that the good ship new order was last seen
heading in must have had Peter Hook with his hand on the tiller
because this lp is strangely reminiscent of new order's last in parts
and not just down to the distinctive bass playing of said man
or the factoryesque packing.

It makes me wonder if had the fates chucked up a different deal to them
and spared them the pain of the early years and the turmoil of Ian Curtis
death apart from us missing out on some of the finest moments ever
committed to vinyl that new order would have reached this point far sooner
sound wise.

But fair play to David Potts for injecting some of his own style into the
LP even though he can with a half squint of the ear be taken for new
orders front man on some tracks.

And not giving in to the older man whims in total have made this a far
stronger alliance.

Taking the wisdom of the old man of pop(rock) and the youth of a lad old
(young) enough to be his son with this respect standing out in there
live show very strongly.

So even if new order has told its final tale the heir to the throne
could be there own demon king in leather and his young manservant.

Now for the album tracks:

What Do You Want From me:
The opener and the 1st single still sounded as good as it had done in the
club i first heard it in. A storming three and a half mins of pop
sling back bass from the demon panto king and singalong chorus by
a stars in your eyes new order frontman

The 2nd track also their 2nd single
pure new order class soundalike with great lyrics and a hummable bass line
with messers Hook and Potts gelling like the finest moments of technique

Sweet Lips:
Sweet lips the third single and least deserving of a single release
throwaway pop trash that could only be saved by a damn good remixer
only rescued from the bin(trash can) by the chorus and the bass playing.

Buzz Gum:
Unfortunately venturing into oasis soundalikeville could have made a fortune
if had been the single. Very Madchester but not even good Madchester
sounds like almost every indie wannabe working the manchester support
slots if only they had access to a horn section

David Potts first real venture away from the new order vocal sound
and damn fine it is too slower more melody led than the other tracks
a great song.

A scary start up with the generic horror of house and triphop looming
rescued from being pure junk from some deft insert bass lines from hook
before the vocal track kicks in then given a great finish by david's
vocals. A bloody long song too!!!

Billy Bones:
The real stand out track on Music For Pleasure.

A venture into Portishead country via Enya via New Order
very strange but a no less worthy track and always an option for a
direction for the 2nd LP.

Happy Jack:
My favourite track of the lp where Peter Hook's bass is let loose
to roam like a wild leather covered bigcat around the track mixed with a
sad vocal track

A fine duet with a moz-esq(TM) sound backed up with some fine guitar
play rumoured to feature a Mr J Marr's talents

Some great keyboard work to open backed by a gentle use of the bass
guitar and a foray into the jar marked odd samples
a instrumental track to end and bestill a beating heart.

Music for pleasure i think if you enjoy this as much as they enjoyed
making it then it truly can claim the name.   It's a strong debut lp
with the potential of a storming 2nd

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