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Hit The North - Part One

A strange venue for the fall's first night of two in residence.

Jillys formally known as Rockworld here in manchester

A sprawling rock club given the conversion into venue by way of a very small stage which i discovered to my discomfort is just the right hight to FALL over while still scaring the underside of the knees but still it did have the advantage of being less then three inches away from the vitrol spitting mister smith.

Unfortantly the passage of time and the incredible amounts of alcohol mark e smith has indubed over the space of his voyage in through and around the music biz have taken a toll.

The stage presence that mark e smith allways carried was spoiled somewhat with him hidden away at the back of the stage for some of the set reading the lyrics off sheets which thankfully still didnt affect the passion and vitrol just his presence on the stage at times.

But like an wayward uncle who has presence and unique stories to share this is forgiven.

When on stage his solid unwavering style is rock solid and even with the thirty odd people at the front keep droping down at his feet like some twisted cult at the alter of the anticool.

This was a night for classic fall wondermants the classic cheetam hill this first to set the crowd off into frenzy and one lad into the worlds shortest stage dive of a foot.

Glamracket with its anti 70's rhetoric seemed so much more apt today with the horrors of 70's style britpop looming large

Crack house the usual blast of sonic delight

The shortest version of kimble i ever did see but no less welcome for that

Masqerade with messers smith doing the work himself while the band went for a pee a beer or whatever

And last but no means least of the nights highlights going to spain the tale of a mans emigration to spain with some tapes of elton john.

Btw if your ever stood at the front of a fall gig with beer dont put it on the stage cos mark e smith nicked mine once more!!!!

And a mention must be made of the crowd for the togetherness and bond a 12 inch high stage brings no problem for anybody no fighting to get at the front just a total good vibe and level of helpfullness.

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