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Hit The North - Part Two

The 2nd of two nights of THE FALL in residence at jillys in manchester

More of a personal review of the 2nd night than a gig review

Same venue same time and only one differnce in the bill Dumb instead of polythene. dumb who sounded fine and had two incredible drummers just did nothing for me because of the singers voice and chatting to a cute young FALL fan who had travelled from holland with her brother for just two nights of manchesters greatest and long serving band

(Yes miss smorgasboard i know you traveled for two nights of James from a lot further but they're still not in the same league the young whipalashers that James are!!!)

The set was pretty much like the first nights apart from a song or so but Mark E Smith seemed to enjoy this nights gig an seemed more like his usual on stage self with a lot more banter between him and his band and the odd quip thrown out to the crowd. and a bloody strange keyboard solo thrown in for good measure.

Alas the crowd at the front seemed to consist of im all right jack brigade unlike the first nights helpfull and good natured crowd who seemed to be pushed to the back. and thanks to some asshole i got a nice cig burn in my t shirt

Which with a pair of knees like bruised pairs in a tumble drier from the first nights fun soured the gig a tad.

But it was a great way to spend two nights out and the money that i missed spending on a glastonbury ticket

Oh! and thanks must go out to ricky from the Thrush Puppies for securing me a great deal on my FALL t-shirt

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