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One Fan Recommends....

Ok, these are links to some bands we particularly like. We've even got a few reviews we've done ourselves. Give em a listen, see what you think. If you want to write anything about some of your favorite bands, email it to us and we'll put it up here.

Bis - Absolutely sickeningly twee screechy lo-fi pop-punk kids. It's hilarious. Really. Here's a review.

Black Box Recorder - Lush, sweeping, moody pop songs featuring Luke Haines of the Auteurs on guitar. Hell, check out the Auteurs as well.

Blur - Ok, most people have heard Blur by now. But we have an interesting interpretation of their song, "The Universal". There's also a review of their live shows here.

Nick Drake - He released 3 albums of the most beautful and complex guitar songs in the last 30 years before his death at the age of 26. Intelligent and thoughtful, a must for anyone obsessed with the acoustic subtlety of Laid.

Drugstore - Their second album is entitled White Magic for Lovers and describes them better than we could. It's emotionally wraught songwriting by a mad singer determined to suck everything she can out of life.

Echo and the Bunnymen - Ohh come on. If you don't know who they are you can't remember the '80's now can you? Read our interview with guitarist Will Sergeant here.

Gene - Pop music modelled after the Smiths with much of the majesty and none of the Morrissey. We love them though! Read our album review here.

Guided By Voices - You didn't think we only listen to Brit stuff did you? Lo-fi, Dayton, OH, pop outfit that sound a bit like REM and write amazing 2 minute songs about the most unlikely topics.

Marion - Fellow-Mancunian glam-rockers. Check out our interview here.

Rialto - Check out our review of their Monday Morning, 5:19 here. Or read our interview here.

Strangelove - Dark, depressing glam-tinged pop. They broke up recently, but their second album is a masterpiece which features Brett Anderson and Richard Oakes of Suede on backing vocals.

The Unbelievable Truth - moody acoustic rock band fronted by Thom "Radiohead" Yorke's brother, Andy. Mostly mellow and often reminiscent of "Lightning Crashes" by live, the songs are crafted poetic beauty. Their debut is out in the UK and highly recommended.

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