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Polythene even though they are unsigned band they're racking up some quality support spots the fall and an evening with gold blade to their credit.

It heartens me to see that manchester isn't just producing poor oasis 70sWannabeLooksoundactlikewankersalikes and triphop kids with samplers for brains who seemed to have(Had) taken over the support slots in this town as there own.

Polythene manage to pay aural homage to the fall circa 1977 with the manchester based vitrol and scratchy lo fi guitars and thumping pounding drums with a very odd vocal affect thrown into the mix .

While on some songs tackling the fall-a-like route via the sound of Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill at there loudest.

Making a visit to the ear nose and throat department a possibliity for some of the crowd who chiiled next to the speaker stacks during there set.

The two songs which stood out of the evening and which have also been placed on there demo tape:

Anita hepburn is a grass. A fast punkpop or is that poppunk ditty inspired from a very common piece of graffiti around salford's more classy nighbourhoods.

Cows are really peaceful animals. As odd and as wierd as the title suggests, A journey through the combat habits of cows or something not really quite sure to be honest but when i get a 2nd copy of their demo.

The first copy having being bartered to the taxi driver after him listening to and enjoying it.

So either live or on tape i will be glad to discover if cows really are the buddhist monks of the animal kingdom.

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