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Since the release of His Ďní Hers, Pulp have been the band in England to see. They have the songs, they have the style, and they have the attitude. So the staff here at Leaking was wondering what the world would be like if we gave some bands a little push by putting a bit more Pulp in their power. This section is dedicated to that lovely proposition.

Smashing PULPkins

"I used to be a little boy, but she was two years older; and despite all my rage I am stil just a rat who really loves it when you tell me to stop...oh its turning me o-o-o-o-on yeah."

Peter, PULP, and Mary

"Puff the magic sculptor wants to live with me, because I'm common and Iím poor, brothers, sisters, can't you see? And what, is this, feeling called PUFF. P-u-f-f-i-n-g, what is this feeling that's happening to me, c-a, double l, e-d, what is this feelingc alled Puff? Cause Iím leaving on a jetplane to study sculture at St. Martinís College, I dont know when Iíll be back again, so lets all meet up in the year 2000, so kiss me and smile for me. Tell me that you'll (uh!) screw me."

(to the tune of "This Land Is Your Land")
"You go all over, in your bra and panties, from California to Rhode Islandy, from the redwood forest to Delaware, you're all over only in your underwear."

"Cause mister we just want your car, so we can sing about love b/w my brothers and sisters, all, over this land (uh!)."


"Iíve kissed your mother twice, and now im working on your dad. So donít call me daughter. Do you remember the first time Jeremy spoke in class today?"


"Sheís an orgasm addict, sheís always at it, and this bed has seen it all, from the first time to the last..."

"We're making a move, we're making it now, we're coming out of the sidelines, but something's gone wrong again!"

PULP's Addiction

"Jane says she's gotta go home, but she's been caught stealing toys that reach the places Ted in the shower never reaches, turn off that automobile becuase I'm fucked up on the pirate radio, hum along with me, hum along with the telly. Whoa. Whoa..."

Sex PULPstols

"And I dont quite understand just what this feeling is, but thatís ok cause we're so pretty, oh so pretty, we're vay-cunt!"

PULPlic Image Ltd.

"I may be wrong I may be right, I may be black I may be white, just put your hands up its the rage, yeah! We want your world, we want your lives, we want the things you wont allow, us, we wonít use guns, we wonít use knives, weíll use the one thing weíve got more of, so may the road rise with you..."

PULPlic Enemy

"Got a letter from the government the other day. I opened it and read it said they were suckers, they wanted me for the army or whatever, they said, if fashion is your trade then when youíre naked you must be unemployed."

Stone Temple PULP-lots

"And I feel and I feel when the dogs begin to smell her only in her your underwear."

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