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James History Quiz

One Fan Clapping

This is a quiz to measure how much you know about the early days of James. As you answer each question, click on the word "check " in the menubar to find out if you've answered correctly. If you haven't, click on the word "empty" in the menubar to have another try. When you have finished the quiz, click on the word "results" to find out how you did overall. The questions come in 2 formats. The first is multiple choice, which should be self explanatory. The other requires you to match up an item with a date. To answer these you should look at the first item in the left column and click on the corresponding item in the left column, before moving on to the second item in the left column, etc. If you have trouble navigating this quiz, click on the "help" option on the menubar.

This questionnaire was designed to be used with Navigator 4.0 and Explorer 4.0.