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Solar Race Or The Man Who Changed His Mind

Having seen the band before i wasnt really looking fallward to seeing solar race again.

Due to them being the support to THE FALL for their two nights in residence at Jillys manchester. and having paid for the pleasure i gave them my full (minus a couple of mins at the bar) attention and was pleasantlly suprised.

The band i had written off as a poor grunge wannabe had come on so far.

With the singer Eilidh's incrediblly powerfull voice and the new tightness in the band they had me well impressed just two songs in and tapping along three songs in.

The highlights of the two nights sets for me:

One day. with the full power of her vocals rouring through a well crafted and great number

My enemy. a babes in toyland at their best type moment with full on sonic overload

And the one i belive will catapult them up the bill to pole postion Get ahead. a truly classic song up there with the best of them with any luck their own come home or smells like teen spirt

Which deserves a single release and makes me wish i had the capital to fund that single.

There new LP Homespun on the silvertone label is out in the shops now contains one of the best lp tracks of 97 JD's sonic overcoat which sounds like a crossbreed of stereolab sonic youth and a buzzsaw

All in all it proves my theory that when women wanna rock they do it so much better than men.

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