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URUSEI YATSURA - Strategic Hamlets

Che Records, 1996

by Carlton Ankers

Having Seen them support the Wedding Present and written them off as a poor weddos clone it was with great suprize i found myself humming along to these while sifting through the cd's in my local second hand records shop.

But then realising that john peel had secreated a soft spot for this single without me knowing i snaped it up for a quid

What a bargain!!!!

Strategic Hamlets: a swirling quitar intro with a great sing along na na na na b4 the singer who sounds like thurstom moore doing pavement via the wedding present sounds gets just so laid back

And the effects laid over this track take it into some wierd underworld of sonic youths and jet girls.

Down Home Kitty: lo fi guitars still rule even though "Fashions" sold them down the river for the banal sound of the 70,s that is oasis and its like THIS is lo-fi spunky funky an fun and the b side? deserves to be a 7" scratchy vinyl single if ever something did.

Kozee Heart: screw song 2 this is pavement-esqe as it should be done even admiting so before it kicks off

Revir: i cant place it but its the same as something else by someone else weird end though its so bloody quiet on the vocals like take something really quiet like a mouse and give it quitar an yer about there so it's about as big a shock as a mouse playing guitar

all in all a great little bundle for less than a bundle with some great production by the wonderkind that is chris allison

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