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Urusei Yatsura - Strategic Hamlets


URUSEI YATSURA --------------

Fake Fur PROMO --------------

Fake Fur: Odd how somethings can evoke others but this is box elder done by the weddos circa chris allison producing but not with david gedge singing or how i imagine it to be at least

silver krest ------------ Should have been the lead track on here as its better a rip rouring you gessed it pavement-esqe wiling guitarfest while this is a bad thing its strange its like an indie stars in yer eyes

Nova static ----------- woo hooo a change of pace its sonic youth time but theres allways a spot in my life for this song which has had shit loads of airplay on local radio its to paraphrase that tiger grrrrrrreaaaatttttt

Secret Crush ------------ urgh it descends into richard the third supergrass while thats the best thing they ever done its not these have so urgh urgh yuck