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Drawn To The Deep End
(Polydor Records, 1997)

When Gene first appeared in 1994, a deluge of comparisons to the Smiths nearly dragged them under, causing many people to write them off as pretenders to the throne. With the release of their second album, Drawn To The Deep End, Gene prove once and for all that they are not, in fact, pretenders, but that not only could they be kings, but they should be kings. The Smiths comparisons may finally fall by the wayside as Gene inherit the kingdom vacated by the departure of Morrissey and Marr, not by imitating their predecessors, but by, in their own way, winning over the same populace. The Smiths, at their apex, spoke of alienation and lonliness, but with warm hope and a tender innocence that no other artist had captured before or since. As Marr has faded into obscurity and Morrissey has slipped into sullen reclusiveness, however, Gene have stepped in to fill their void with increasing fervor and passion. The new album deals with familiar themes, but contains a dignified beauty that few artists or groups could ever hope to achieve. The songs on the record range from the hard-rocking "Fighting Fit" and "Voice of the Father," to classic Gene anthems such as "We Could Be Kings," to heart-rendering emotional ballads such as "Speak To Me Someone." The album even offers up a more experimental side of the band in the closing track "Sub Rosa." Gene cover a broad spectrum of styles showcasing both the poetic talents of singer Martin Rossiter, but also the musical ability of guitarist Steve Mason, drummer Matt "The Hat"James, and bassist Kevin Miles, and even allow Mason a couple of guitar-hero rock n' roll solos which display his style with a flourish that remains uniquely Gene. Gene have, once again, managed to reach out with touching sincerity to create a work which should leave anyone feeling loney, sentimental, romantic, lovelorn, or bitter utterly and wholly satiated.

Track Listing:

  1. New Amusements
  2. Fighting Fit
  3. Where Are They Now?
  4. Speak To Me Someone
  5. We Could Be Kings
  6. Why I Was Born
  7. Long Sleeves For The Summer
  8. Save Me, I'm Yours
  9. Voice Of The Father
  10. The Accidental
  11. I Love You, What Are You?
  12. Sub Rosa

Gene - Voice Of The Father

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